visual identity

Our approach was to create a minimalist visual identity with high symbolic value and versatile enough for the digital platforms. The naming process was intentionally based on latin, therefore we revamped the term Audax - the ancient root word for audacity, boldness, courage.

Meant to be a sleek recognizable brand, Audax is positioned as a top link between employers and employees. The fundamental requirements, from the client's perspective, were the following: prestige, easy use, memorability, correct location in the human resources market.

Visual Identity

  • visual identity
  • naming
  • positioning
  • stationery
  • social media iterations

For a compact and obvious differentiation, we used a solid red background approach. The typeface style is inspired by a classic font: Helvetica.

The general purpose of Audax is boldness and competence all across Human Resources domain.

For this branding case study we started from the initial process of redesigning the identity and we continued, together with the beneficiary's team, the implementation of an entire rebranding process. The most important rebranding elements were: amplifying and developing organizational and brand communication skills, internal use of identity, setting standards of behavior and interaction with stakeholders.

branding case study


  • Brand design
  • Social media content
  • Strategy
  • Positioning

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