Brand design

Our creative services gravitate around an integrated core with focus on brand design discipline and identity design for companies and organizations. Our methodology, in tune with all the industry best practices, strives to deliver timeless and problem solving identities across all business and organizational models.


Logo design

Sleek, contemporary, in-tune with the company's DNA, scalable, iconic, memorable, with high symbolic capital, interesting 

Visual identity

Harmonious approach throughout brand's extensions, complimentary to the company's mission, vision and values 

Brand positioning

A set of wise management and marketing decisions meant to meaningfully position the brand in the consumers minds and behaviours

Brand campaigns

Brand launching communication campaigns meant to connect the company to the public for the first time

Brand guidelines

Identity guidelines and all the rules and processes which will help the company to properly manage the brand 

Brand management

Brand success means planning, focus, methodology and a constant connection with all the brand's stakeholders



We create ads both for digital and for tratidional media. Engaging, thoughtful, interesting and harmonious to the brand's objectives

Digital campaigns

Offline and online campaignsmainly focused in digital media - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and Youtube


Video commercials represent the core of brand and product communication, regardless the broadcasting environment or media platforms 


Graphic design

At the heart of all marcomm disciplines, graphic design is the indispensable technical tool for transforming abstract objectives into tangible ways of communication

3D modelling

Any kind of modern design requests some kind of 3d presence - from renderings to packshots or advertisments

Motion design

Logo animations and packshots, video presentation, lower thirds, intros, logo stings, infographics, product promo, openers


Brand strategy

The strategic approach is a must-have tool in a very competitive market. Each brand manifests its strategy by planning the next moves regardless the challenges or volatility

Brand extensions

A complex process that requires know-how, focus and integration of all the interests of the organization depending on the internal ecosystem and market feedback


Differentiation is one of the central functions of branding. Uniqueness, the customer's benefits and overall brand perception are permanent objectives in the development of any company

Video content


Any kind of video content or video commercial needs the right setup, from cameras to lights, sound, location, planning and production team


Video commercials, testimonials, brand films, product videos, company culture videos, general video presentations and how-to videos


Logging, first assembly, rough cut, fine cut and final cut. Packshot editing, transitions, color correction and color grading  
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