Brand communication and efficacy by GRAPHIC DESIGN

Confused with DTP or typing, most often undervalued and rarely appreciated at its true value and importance, graphic design is nothing else than the backbone of modern visual communication. Graphic design business is not a flat and one-dimensional. It involves many disciplines and more skills than most satellite elements of modern communication.

A good or very good designer can’t create excellent performance if it not not well prepared in these tools: a perfect language – on reading, writing, study of syntax and morphology; art history and aesthetics – in its many ramifications and theories; cultural anthropology; symbolism; typography – history, form and use linguistic signs specific to language and written language; Photo and video history and theory; principles of editing, post processing; theory and practice of printing forms – plan, offset, rotary, flexographic, screen printing; technical and communication skills; creative writing; general visual education; color theory and composition; theory and communication as outdoor and indoor etc.

Graphic design services

– Vector design, photo manipulation, cross-processing
– Overall design of communication materials: maps, brochures, posters, flyers, books, calendars, cards
– Design and packaging design (packaging): boxes, containers, labels, bottles, containers, packaging unconventional
– Promotional materials design and products: apparel, office, promo, badges, coveralls and working equipment, corporate gifts
– Gifts design and products aimed at corporate and business to business
– Exhibition design – materials expo: roll-up, pop-up, integrated concepts for fairs, exhibitions or commercial type showroom
– Signage design classic and unconventional
– Special design projects
– Processing and graphic concepts
– Design and corporate identity Company * (for complete details and prices, please see our offer branding)