What is and what is not a consulting service?

Although it is a term whose boundaries seem faded, signifying to too many organizations, rant content, strategic consulting and brand is a set of input-output analysis, identification and organization problem solving. It is the foundation, pre-branding process, a process of research and external criticism and argument expressed in business. It involves a level of brand culture and high business involves identification algorithms, organizational and operational analysis, categorization and identification solutions to problems in contemporary perspective. It is a fundamental component BrandCell 360 because we do not believe that without a real consultation can identify realistic mechanisms that make a business work correctly or incorrectly.

In short, without prior review and without a proper map of the means and principles under which the business operates our customers is inadequate and false we can offer advice.

How do consulting?

Consulting, in its extended formula, does not fit any type of organization. You can not advise a small company just as advise a multinational company. And that is not related to quality or quantity consulting perspective but which, as a brand consultant position yourself in relation to the organization that must counseling. In the case of Small and Medium size Companies, consultants can provide effective solutions quickly and efficiently to solve business problems for the simple reason that it is much easier to understand the mechanisms of business organization itself and business people behind these sites. If big companies or multinational companies, consultancy happens in a completely different pace and in other fields. It requires, first, an extensive analysis, many meetings and elucidated many aspects. However, prior times, indexing and data analysis stage itself to consulting you very much for the time factor and how it materializes feed-backs.

360 degree consulting.

360 model that we have in mind is claimed to analyze brand both hard and soft segments, and on the global perspective: production, distribution, decision-making levels, flow portfolio consistent customer portfolio, brand architecture products and services, market share, communication, signal analysis brand tone analysis organization, decision makers analyze the flow of internal data management and accreditations function, image analysis, analysis of internal and external communication.

Also, after sorting and collecting data, synthetic stage follows the outlined principles and means of improving the business model in an intuitive and clear way.

Why is it important brand consultancy?

In the first instance, brand consultancy put shoulder to clarifying the goals that we have, then releases the way for a clear and unique positioning preventing you go wrong communicating “something for everybody” and get fragmented business. 360 Consulting unify understanding of brand assets and imposing their mechanics a rational and gradual trajectory of the relationship between what you create and how products become brands.

For example, 3620 analysis identify even the most neglected aspects of brand – such as a tone of voice or a simple e-mail to suppliers. Specifically, we have, for example, x acquisition manager of the company y sending inquiries for purchase of goods or services for the company by a total of eight suppliers lets say. In the call for tenders, we see not only lacks clarity on what is required, but also see that the suppliers Manager tone is slightly higher aggressive, sometimes even impertinent, even if the request offer he forgot specify more major details. Eventually, after further clarification is asked by all providers to identify the best solutions, this error persist in continuing to provide false data about the product or service requested. Suppliers do not understand what he wants for the simple reason that by lack of technical terms from the manager makes the harrowing on both sides. Finally, providers understand what it is about, send different offers and technical descriptions of products / services requested. After selecting the supplier, procurement manager does not have the courtesy to send feedback, even the least sign of courtesy, any supplier of those from whom he received feedback.

Well, what impact do you think has the manager’s behavior on the organization? How do you think the public perception of a brand segment will be affected by this behavior? We are not talking here about human quality or employee’s character, but simply about ignorance, by the organization, a fundamental aspect of the brand – tone of voice and brand communication.

Or, in terms of brand implementation within the organization, consulting model 360 including these aspects into account, seemingly minor but strong recoil of the entire business.