Brand management – rigor and definition

Brand identity and branding discipline as such are, above all, ongoing activities, especially regarding multinational companies and small and medium companies and micro-enterprises that understand the dynamic of contemporary economic. And I continue because the game has changed and only who is constantly in the public eye, survives in the long term.

In this context, brand management designates a set of techniques and principles by which brand holistically treating them nurture functionality and vivacity. However, this activity involves a good primary and human resource management of the company, reporting good mechanical knowledge and the global brand represented and its resorts. It is one of the finest in marketing activities of the company, branched at the intersection of multidisciplinary contemporary marketing.

Technical Background

You can not do brand management consistently as long as all disciplines of communication means for the employee or your team, marketing – a term which, from today’s perspective means everything that happens in the company. However, this is wrong optics – marketing discipline, as it was perceived and set 30 years ago is totally changed its limits in any contemporary business being blurred. Branding, PR, advertising, advertising production, strategic planning, social media, SEM -SEO and of course, brand management, are segmented disciplines, but almost nervous about the functionality of the overall general named marketing.

Background functional brand management

Because it is a difficult process and surgically in which all bets are important and the degree of expertise is very high, brand management must  be executed by the knowledge of many disciplinary so you know what are you managing at all levels. So first of all you must know very well the brand architecture and, of course, identity rules. Then you must know what each chapter of ID, which means each register branding and how to apply it. We also need to know closely, modern methods and techniques from all walks of production related branding: pattern, signage, printing processes – screen printing, pad printing, embossing, decals, typeface, heat transfer, embroidery, DTP and graphic design techniques of print (offset, rotary letterpress), layout design, product photography etc.

Yes, it is a difficult and demanding activity involves a very high level of know-how and expertise that can not be acquired only through years of experience working with thousands of hours of practice and a vigorous contemporary reporting on how managing a brand.

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