Discipline brand

Branding means the discipline with the best exponential growth in the categories of communication. Although, in Romania, is still looking for its legitimacy arguments, the reality on the ground indicates not only the need of branding activity in a business environment in which we do not have a critical mass of local brands, but also immediate profit that can be extracted after creating a solid brand.

Mental Map

To have a brand, that is to be located in public mental map, you must first create his structure, rules, climate and culture brand. These are the primary elements that contribute to the creation of a brand. There are foundations, but it is only the visible part of the brand.

Fundamental in brand communication is, after all, identity, what you say in unique selling proposition (USP) to be found in all sections of business and to be respected as such by the entire organization.


General Branding
Intern Branding
Brand Architecture


Rating brand
Market Segmentation
Research identity and brand name


Brand Ideea
Global Branding
Internal structure of the brand
Brand Culture

Brand experience

Customer Experience
Digital Experience
Internal Branding
Visual design

Brand express

Brand Id manual
Collateral Brand Elements
Graphic design