Visual identity and verbal identity

Branding is perception and interface, but also customer loyalty and opinion. The brand itself is not a logo or mark, or logo; they include them, but you and transgresses. Branding is an activity, perhaps the most demanding and most delicate in a company as it holds primary springs of existence on the market that a company has to offer meaning and emotion as they communicate. The brand represents authority and reputation, pure emotion and satisfaction, the basis on which any enterprise created reputation and steadfastness.

“If introduced and supported effectively brand is a major corporate resource – sometimes the most valuable financial asset of an organization. Brand, like finance, investment, human resources, research and development, marketing, information technology and other corporate resources, needs authority, rules, adequate funding, commitment, and management. If brand-resource is thus claimed to be as effective as any other resource; if not, the resource is depleted. ” Wally Olins

– Research – naming – name identification available
– Design – visual identity, verbal identity- Logo – review – according to our client’s needs- Client presentations
– Finals visual form presentation
– Manual visual identity
– Market positioning of the company
– Internal branding and brand user training
– Brand architecture
– Communication strategy of the brand – the brand packaging
– Digital expressions of the brand (web, brand theme social networks, e-mail signature)
– Deliverables: letterheads, envelopes, correspondence, cards, map layout, layout brochure etc.
– Rules and principles of brand management

Full service branding Rate: contact us for a quote

Price and brand strategy consulting / time: contact us for a quote

Rates and fees for checking trademarks and fees BrandCell partner companies that will handle the registration of the trademark recipient will be expressed in a distinct offer.

Time of execution/delivery: depending on the complexity of branding program, the specific field of activity and the degree of communication between the beneficiary and BrandCell 360, during the implementation of a new brand can be from 14 to 90 days. Terms of payment: 50% upon signing the contract, the discussions / interviews prior and complete the brief by the client – initiating the first stage is the next advance payment. 50% upon completion of the program full branding All details of branding services are included in the contract and its annexes. The stages of work are agreed with the top management of the beneficiary or department designated to communicate with BrandCell 360.