Branding and brand communication

What is happening now in local and global business directly affects our work and the way to create business models needed to provide customer service and top products.

Precisely for this reason, BrandCell 360 talks about the three main components around which sets out out identity and our vision: brand, brand public and the conversation between them.

We are witnessing the perpetuous change of the global marketing; business models are also changing. Our times are most important and interesting since the notorious industrial revolution.

Brand, public organization

The consumer is no longer just the consumer, market is not only the market, but rather a community of perspectives coming from options and individualities which, in common with the audience, creates the whole brand essence. Brands themselves no longer handle themselves. Brand public does.

On the other hand, now it is the individual consumer more than ever, is the person with various options and rich voice and has autonomy in the face of brands, expressing their delight or negotiating reference to brands that surround it. Either directly at the shelf or through social media.

In this way, our work perspective takes into account both the immediate realities of breakthroughs, discoveries and new strategies in global communication.

Global perspective

In marcomm, historical trends are created generally for major brands and corporations. They create history and the entire category resets after themselves.

It can be said that business models are governed not only by globalization but only what happens now. Chaos theory, in a world ruled by continuous communication, there was perhaps never so current. What happens on the other side of the world affects us or affect us directly. If Mark Zuckerberg or Warren Buffett taking a decision, the effects will be felt in business and in New York and Amsterdam and Bucharest. If we still see market accompanied by the attribute “target” and the audience accompanied by the same attribute with unfortunate connotations, is only a communication gap intake. New business models require their directions and principles – stealth marketing (Jay Zimmermann) wikinomics, thank you economy or brand new matrix is ​​urgent in any sustainable business.

So, our team believes not only in current models at any price, but a totalizing brand approach taking into account all the elements that contribute to the imposition of market organizations and brands that change the world. We want to be near these emerging brands, grow them and grow with them in a world which is, above all, connected to individuality and self-awareness.